How to take photos for your flat

Photos are essential for your ad because they are the first element that the traveler looks at. The photos highlight the ad and bring your speech to life.
Here are tips and tricks to take pictures that make your apartment as attractive as possible to attract a maximum of customers.

The best resolution possible
Take pictures of at least 1024 x 683px. If you ever have a doubt, choose the highest resolution, the photos will come out better. Airbnb guests need to see in detail the apartment they will book.

Put away your apartment!
Although this rule makes sense for most people, it is not for many people. Hide the wires, put the curtains upright, fold down the lid of the toilets, pull the sheets so they do not fold ... Store the things lying around so as not to distract the customers who look at your photos. Show your future tenants the state in which they will find your home, that is to say perfectly clean and tidy!

Bring in the light!
The fundamental element for an amateur or professional photographer is light. To take pictures, this one allows to accentuate the contrasts and to give natural depth. In addition, humans are attracted by natural light, future travelers want to be able to see the housing they will rent. For maximum brightness take your photos at noon where the sun is highest. Open all blinds and curtains. Turn on the lights, because even if the sun is shining bright enough to light the rooms, it's important to balance the outside light with the inside light. This gives the illusion of larger spaces.

Have a tripod
Lightweight and foldable, the tripod is easy to carry. It will allow you to have the best possible stability for an ideal shot. Your photos will be much sharper than if you held the camera yourself and will display more details. If you do not have a tripod, you can put the device on a table, chair, etc. The effect will be the same.

Take pictures of the corners
Position the camera towards the corners of the rooms to take pictures. Indeed, this shot gives dimension and perspective and gives the impression of a larger piece. Taking a picture facing the wall will make the room smaller.

Horizontal orientation of photos
Prefer the photos in landscape. They look bigger and give a better view of the space that the rooms have to offer. In addition Airbnb is not configured to accept photos in portrait whose display will not be optimal.

Stage the apartment
For the future traveler to want to stay in your apartment, it must be able to project. For this, give him a glimpse of the comfort and pleasure that awaits him if he reserves your property. You can put a book on your fluffy chair next to your fireplace. A beautiful table with an open bottle of champagne and two glasses could attract couples. Laying flowers would bring the photos to life, as well as adding splashes of color.


Take pictures of unique items
If you have atypical objects or furniture, do not forget to take a picture of them. Indeed, they are charming assets that constitute a demarcation factor. All these elements bring personality to your home and tell a story. It is this authenticity that travelers seek through Airbnb rental and differentiates it from hotels.


Pictures of the neighborhood
Do not just just photos from inside your apartment. Do you live near a shopping street? From a charming garden? A coffee with offbeat decoration? Photograph them! This allows your customers to see the activities they can do around your apartment.

24 July 2018 Advices Airbnb