The Concierges Nestor & Jeeves

Take care of your apartment and your guests in Nice







Services organised for the owner
on start-up
Personal pre-appointment
Starting-up advice
Photographic inventory report
Creation of listings
"Panoramic lens" photo report
Writing of advertising texts (French / English)
Writing of instructions for use (French / English)
Commercialisation / Marketing
On-line publication
Installation on the "Conciergerie" application
Services arranged for the owner
during the term of the contract
Referencing on selected portals
Management of the planning and bookings
Management of last minute bookings
Management of the owner's reservations
Management of the tourist tax for you
Management of rents and payments (Galian guarantee)
Daily monitoring of comments on social networks
Internalised maintenance follow-up
"Digitized" traceability of the interventions / incidents
Keeping your keys safe
Replacement of a small appliance in case of failure
Work coordination at negotiated prices
Dashboard (monthly report, access to the planning, reservations follow-up)
Local Account Manager dedicated to you
Access to your secure account 24/7
Broadcasting on the Airbnb and Nestor&Jeeves portals
Customer damage insurance (Amount of the Credit Card security deposit)
Weekly adjustment of schedules
Dissemination to passing customers
Dissemination on social networks and newsletters
Dissemination with tour operators
Broadcasting on 20 internet portals (Airbnb + Nestor&Jeeves included)
Broadcasting on 30 internet portals (Airbnb + Nestor&Jeeves included)
Second additional inventory of fixtures on departure
Amount of the security deposit doubled
Services organised for the guest
during the contract period
Individual pre-check-in
Customised stay
Check-in, check-out 24/7 without extra charge
Taking a security deposit by credit card
"Digitized" photo inventory on arrival
Inventory of departure
Reception at the "boutique" concierge service OK
Access to the "digital" concierge service 24/7
Privilege card "Good Deals"
Luggage storage service 12 months / 12
Assistance in case of a problem 24/7
Arranging of hotel quality linen
Laundry of linen (ISO 9001 certification)
Resupply of household products
Hotel-type housekeeping after departure
Cleaning of the terrace before each arrival
We take a deposit by creditcard
We organize a digital inventory on arrival
We make an inventory report on departure
We do a hotel-type cleaning
We provide an internal maintenance monitoring
We guarantee a digital traceability of incidents
We maintain assistance in case of problems 24/7
We keep your keys in a secure place
We follow social networks daily
We guarantee the payment of rents (Galianguarantee)
We manage the tourist tax for you
We put at your disposal an account manager
We give you access to your secure account 24/7

Your home is under permanent surveillance in the hands of experts!
We have our own local and efficient marketing team
We control our communication (discounts, news, networks ...)
We are internationally referenced on 30 portals
We market directly to passing customers
We accept last minute bookings
We have the best market booking tool
We continuously analyze the state of the market and prices
We constantly optimize your texts and photos
We adjust your schedule weekly
We manage prices according to a specific algorithm
We maximize your income through rigorous management
We boost your property for the best performance possible
We respond daily to reviews
We get 5-star reviews from satisfied customers
We coordinate your work at negotiated prices

We control the whole chain, the more you earn, the more we earn!
Pre-registration before arrival without surprise "free"
Check-in check-out 24/7 "free"
No waiting on arrival or departure "free"
Multilingual home "Free"
Unlimited luggage storage service
« Boutique » concierge service that reassures them "free"
Unique digital concierge that assists them 24/7 "free"
« Good deals » card from Nestor &Jeeves "free"
Wifi connection "free"
24/7 assistance "free"
Hotel quality cleaning "included in the price"
Premium quality linen (ISO 9001 certified) "free"
"Free" amenities
"Free" electrical adapter
Airport and train station shuttle
Excellent E-reputation
Service plus (laundry, breakfast, cot, daily cleaning ...)

Welcoming guests cannot be improvised, it's the key to our success!
Find out how much your home can make you earn.
The price of your home depends on its location, the floor, the decoration of its equipments, the presence of a balcony/terrace or air conditioning, its orientation and its view.
A computer cannot give you a price without seeing your home.
Ask our expert to come meet you without commitment.
After you have filled in the form, he will contact you within 2 working days to make an appointment.

Your accommodation is not a simple photo recorded on the web, we take care of it!