How to decorate your loft

How to decorate your Airbnb accommodation?

When a traveller walks on the site of Airbnb to find a place to stay its criteria are certainly: the location, the capacity of people, the price, the equipments... But what will draw his eye, give him a heart and make it click on your ad is the decoration!
Here are some tips to decorate, arrange and equip your accommodation to make travellers want to choose your accommodation and make them feel good once inside.

Clean colors and light
Painting is a low cost way to refresh a room and give it an atmosphere. If you want to be careful and attract more targets, opt for clear and neutral colors (white, taupe, beige...) that are calm and relaxing and reflect

Wallpaper touches make an affirmed decoration.

If your accommodation benefits from natural light, enjoy a maximum. Dress your windows with curtains to make it pass or not put a curtain at all. If on the contrary your housing is dark, illuminate it with various luminaires (suspensions, lamps of bedsides, sconces...) that will bring heat in the evening fallen.

The arrangement of the furniture must be balanced. Do not clutter the rooms with too much furniture. They have to breathe.

Give a trendy style

For the choice of furniture, prefer the Scandinavian style or the industrial style that are very trendy and are on the momentum to endure. The Nordic style puts a point of honor to nature so choose wood furniture to associate with natural materials such as cotton or flax to put on bedding, armchairs, curtains... Add cushions with geometric prints and graphic objects 

the light.

Add cushions with geometric prints and graphic objects to further your Scandinavian décor.

The industrial style is based on production plants. Choose sturdy and rough furniture without floritures. To best reproduce this style, combine wood with metal elements. If you have wooden beams, apparent pipes, put them in value. For the dining room, choose a large sturdy wooden table with stools or chairs that can be mismatched. Do not forget the simple or bar metal suspensions (preferably black) with several lamps.

Visually magnify the parts

There are various tricks to give the effect of a larger piece:

-Put on mirrors because their reflection gives depth in the room. Place a mirror so that it reflects a window gives more light.

-Buy some furniture of the same color as the walls so that they blend into the décor and visually stretch the space.
-Arrange the furniture in the middle of the rooms. The eye will move around them, creating the prospect of a larger space.
-use some imposing size furniture instead of several small furniture that would give a cluttered effect.
-Prefer the furniture on foot that leaves the floor uncovered and thus give the illusion of openness and more light.
-Choose multifunctional furniture to optimize the space. For example, a chest that serves as a coffee table, a sofa bed, a bed with storage...

Comfort Above all
Equip your home with modern and functional appliances. To make it easier to use and prevent your travelers from wasting too much time, we recommend that you do a workbook with the instructions. Don't forget to write them in English for all your non-francophone travelers (Nestor & Jeeves can take care of it for you;-)).
You can buy cheap trinkets to decorate your interior but if you have to invest in something, it's in quality bedding (Nestor & Jeeves provides hotel quality sheets). Remember that the place where your travelers will stay the most in your accommodation is the bed. Travelers need a good restful sleep to attack their day of sightseeing in your city. To suit more possible targets, choose mattresses to maintain medium (rather than firm or soft).

Don't forget to add a plaid to mix the textures and give a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. You can add cushions on chairs, armchairs in wood or plastic to increase comfort.

Bringing Life and personality
For your future travelers to feel at home, avoid decorating your home with personal photos. On the other hand, make them feel the personality by putting their foot in your home. Put tables, posters, objects that are a demarcation factor. Feel free to ask one or a few eccentric objects (to mark the spirit of your travelers). Be atypical but not too offbeat.     To bring life, do not pass by the library. Add some recent books and magazines and leave a few words to invite your travelers to check them out!

23 July 2018 Advices Airbnb